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Salimcan Satıcı

Salimcan Satıcı / April 19, 2022

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Release Version in GitHub

First of all, I have to say that DeHacker was a completely different business compared to the industries I worked in before. Smart contract security? Audit? Exchange penetration test?...

We preferred Vue.js for DeHacker. Of course, we had to do other things before that.

We have completed 2 jobs for DeHacker. These are as follows;

  • DeHacker Logo/Color
  • DeHacker Landing Page Structure Vue.js Coding & UI

After completing the color selection and logo for DeHacker, we combined it with some elements and some shades of green on our site. I couldn't use most libraries as Vuejs3 still doesn't support. We made the site more quality and interesting with animations with libraries that support. .

Software development is team work, and the way to be a strong and effective team is through the harmonious work of people with different expertise. DeHacker has a team of high quality and many talents compared to alternatives.


Release Version in GitHub


Authenticity Check

Crypto projects usually create verification/Authenticity pages on their own sites. We thought we should do this for DeHacker as well, so we would largely avoid being scammed by people who don't work at DeHacker. DeHacker Authenticity Check


Release Version in GitHub


About DeHacker

DeHacker is a team of auditors and white hat hackers who perform security audits and assessments. With decades of experience in security and distributed systems, our experts focus on the ins and outs of system security. Our services follow clear and prudent industry standards. Whether it’s reviewing the smallest modifications or a new platform, we’ll provide an in-depth security survey at every stage of your company’s project. We provide comprehensive vulnerability reports and identify structural inefficiencies in smart contract code, combining high-end security research with a real-world attacker mindset to reduce risk and harden code.

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